Modelo integrado de simulación y optimización para planes mineros de corto plazo en minería a cielo abierto

F. Orellana, N. Morales, E. Jélvez


Haulage system in open pit mining corresponds mainly to shovel-truck type systems, which can represent a high percentage of the operating cost of the mine. In addition, long-term open-pit mining tends to lower productivities because of deepening extraction, so improving the efficiency and productivity of the equipment is essential. However, these systems are complex to analyze, which is due both to the existing operational uncertainty and to the internal interactions that the equipment has. This paper proposes an integrated simulation and optimization model that maximizes productivity in the extraction of material, which is achieved by optimizing the dispatch of trucks during the simulation, subject to operating conditions in real time. Different dispatch strategies are presented and compared, and the results show that the use of this integrated approach translates into better operating results than deterministic methods and traditional simulation.

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