Rockburst simulation using dynamic tests on the support system

R. Brändle Brändle, R. Luis Fonseca Fonseca, G. Fisher Fisher


Ground support for dynamic conditions must be able to withstand the associated loads and deformations and the support scheme must work as a system. In order to prove the suitability of such support systems with high-tensile steel mesh and bolts and to analyze the bearing behavior of them, a large-scale test setup was commissioned in Walenstadt, Switzerland. On this test rig it is possible to apply large energies on variable ground support systems with variable bolt patterns and meshes with a total support area of 3.6 × 3.6m in a full-scale way. The test site is instrumented by load cells, high-speed video analysis and accelerometers. In this paper the analysis of the load cells, the accelerometers and the high-speed video cameras is given, and results of system tests are discussed.

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