Study on the strength property and ratio parameter selection of waste rock cemented backfill

Xiaoming Wei, Lijie Guo, Lei Zhang


When tailings are used for cemented backfill preparation, the extremely fine unclassified tailings may lead to slow consolidation and low strength of backfill material. Wasted rock as an additional filling aggregated was suggested to optimize the gradation composition of aggregate by scholars over the world. In this paper, the effect of waste rock addition, cement-tailing ratio and slurry concentration on strength and flow properties of waste rock cemented backfill were studied. The results indicate the strength of waste rock cemented backfill was significantly higher than that of unclassified tailings cemented backfill under same cement consumption, which the average strength improvements were 2.02MPa, 0.98MPa and 0.46MPa under cement-tailing ratio of 1:4, 1:8 and 1:10. With the increase of waste rock addition, the strength change of waste rock cemented backfill was less obvious, but the flow property (yield stress) of filling slurry was improved. Further analysis of the slurry stability illustrates that, with the increase of waste rock addition, the bleeding rate demonstrated a trend similar to that observed for the flow property, however, in an adverse manner. Overall, the optimal slurry concentration of 80% and waste rock addition of 40%~50% were determined. Based on the strength requirement, cement dosage was selected, which the cement-tailing ratio of top 10m and the bottom 10m was 1:8, the cement-tailing ratio of the centre stope was 1:10. The research findings can provide a reference for the ratio parameter determination of extremely fine unclassified tailings backfill of similar mines.

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